What is Feediom

Feediom is your ultimate solution for collecting and managing user feedback in your SaaS applications

Most SaaS product need a way to collect feedback, report bugs, and track issues. We will provide you tools to collect, manage and analyse them in an efficient way

  • Collect user feedbacks using the our React component or using the Feediom API
  • Get noticed by email
  • Manage feedback through the Feediom dashboard

How Feediom works?

Users fill in feedbacks in the browser

Feediom provides a pre-styled feedback button where users can fill in feedbacks

<FeediomButton />

Auth the user and send the feedback to from your server

The browser will make a request to your server containing the feedback message

Then, auth the user on your server, and send the user data and feedback message to

This can be done with a few lines of code:

import { createNextRouteHandler } from '@feediom/nextjs'
export const { POST } = createNextRouteHandler({
  auth: (req) => auth(req)

Explore and manage feedback from

Once the user submitted a feedback, you can start managing them in the Feediom dashboard